This is why the hair we offer at That Wig Lady By Char LLC is so loved!


That Wig Lady Char LLC, was started while I was recovering from my 5th heart surgery. If you know anything about heart surgery, you know it is not an easy task. But truthfully for years I’d been asking my friends, coworkers, and family about their hair extensions and why they preferred buying from beauty supply stores even though they quality isn’t good. In a nutshell it was all about the convenience instead of quality. I took my time and did a lot of research only to find out that 80 to 90% of hair extensions bought on a daily basis was purchased by African Americans but we owned less than 2% of a market that makes 2 billion dollars a day. From there I started going around purchasing hair extensions. The hair I was purchasing was being sold as 100% Virgin Brazilian Human Hair when it was actually a synthetic human hair blend. So after going through many bundles, I settled on a vendor that I loved with great quality hair and high hopes of offering African American women. My long term plan with That Wig Lady is to offer customizable wig caps and styles to those of us that have or going through medical issues that has caused breakage, thinning or hair loss but still wanted to feel beautiful. 


  • We only obtain 100% Virgin Human Hair directly cut from one donor so all of the cuticles are facing the same direction.  (This way the hair won’t turn into a rat’s nest after you wash it… if you have bought low quality hair before then you know what I mean YIKES!)
  • Double weft allows the hair to appear more natural, No shedding or tangling, so when you are running a brush through your hair it does not leave the floor looking like someone just shaved your head… 
  • All hair treated any by hand and we only use organic apple cider vinegar and organic shampoos to sanitize our hair.  We do not use insecticides or harsh detergents, that stuff just damages the hair and makes your head itch like crazy!  No head patting necessary…
  • We don’t use any chemicals, perms, or hot curling irons on our hair to further prevent any damage
  • All of those extra measures we do make our hair durable, shiny, and bouncy hair that will last as long as you take of it!
  • PLUS We will ship your order the same day if placed before 3 P.M. Eastern Standard Time and we always provide you with a tracking number for every one of your purchases!
  • That Wig Lady by Char LLC is dedicated to bringing high quality products that will last as long as its taken care of properly.
  • For customized products including SILK LACE wig caps please allow an extra 2 days.